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Cigarettes and other tobacco products are addictive - worse than cocaine or heroin...
because of the presence of nicotine. Among adults in the United States who have ever smoked daily, 91.3% tried their first cigarette and 77.0% became daily smokers before age 20 years.

More than 90% of young people (ages 10-22 years) who use tobacco daily experienced at least one symptom of nicotine withdrawal when they tried to quit.

Approximately three quarters of young people (ages 10-22 years) who use tobacco daily report that they use it because "it's really hard to quit."
Reasons for Tobacco Use and Symptoms of Nicotine Withdrawal Among Adolescent
and Young Adult Tobacco Users: United States, 1993

70% of 12-18 year olds who were past-month smokers felt they needed cigarettes or were dependent on cigarettes.
CDC. Preventing Tobacco Use Among Young People

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