Liggett & Meyers Report: Visit to South Africa from March 1st through to March 11, 1977

FROM: J.H. Keller. Brussels
TO: Mr. J.A. Hemingway, Brussels
Date: March 15, 1977

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Page One
Lists objectives
"Comments: Significant progress was made in 1976 over the 1975 period by our licensee... Chesterfield Fi. 30's [1975 - 5,491; 1976 - 50,893; Change +1,555.3%]"
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Page Two
"In contradiction to other markets, it is however the young 'roughies' (16-22 years) that generally smoke non filter brands such as Texan-Plain, and it is that consumer group which proves difficult to convert." "...In terms of market share an average of .5% was gained comparing quarter... in typical Virginia areas and 'Afrikaans' regions, substantial progress can be noted:"
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Page Three
"In a very intelligent way, Mr. E. Sigge, the Chesterfield Team Leader directs his promotional efforts to 'problem' areas well in time to assure that the Chesterfield growth pattern is nation-wide." "...I am a strong believer in a regular healthy growth pattern. 1977 ojectives are a) a sales increase of 25% b) an increase of .4% market share c) natinal prosition Nr. 12 (beating 'Life' by end June)."
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Page Four
Discussion of pricing options and excise tax increase
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Page Five
"I have found all promoters to be highly qualified and devoted people. They are being well directed by Mr. Sigge and are being trained during an annual sales seminar, held at 'Fleur du Cape.'"
"Brand Positioning a) Toasted Market: Whites, 32.33; Blacks, 56.7%; Coloured, 10.3%, Asiatics, 0.7%. b)Chesterfield of toasted market: Whites, 55%; Blacks, 39%; Coloured, 6%; Asiatics, -." [click on image to enlarge to full size -- 11K]

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Page Six
"Age Groups: The toasted market consists of 31% 16-24 years old and 65% 25 years and more. The Chesterfields sales profile is 47% 16-24 years old and 53% 25 years and more."
"Comments: The actual Chesterfield sales profile coincides with TEM marketing objectives and the brands ideal positioning which is described as follows: -- Toasted market, -- higher image brand, -- full flavour, -- younger male, -- White European."
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Page Seven
"L&M: L&M with a white filter tip is out of the question, yet personally I do not see why our company should reject a cork-tip version, due to South Africa's geographically and politically isolated situation."
"Advertising: Formula 1: I have expressed TEM's view and have submitted my personal recommendation to continue using Brett Lunger during the 1977 Grand Prix."
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Page Eight
"Quoting TEM Management, already the 1976 Grand Prix was successful although the organizational set-up behind the racing team was inadequate."
"Without proper planning this event which could have turned into a very strong promotion was compared with the well planned efforts by the McLarens - Marlboro; Lotus - John Players; March - Lexington (Overseas Rothmans International); Ligier Matra - Gitanes"
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Page Nine
Comments about race: "Final result 14th of 15 cars that ended the race. Hence on T.V. the car was not sen once!!." "70 T-shirs (not 100 as quoted) were inadequate (more than 100,000 spectators). 'Gitanes' have sold over 500 shirts." "The racing jackets ...arrived ...with no Chesterfield advertising on them. Hence they could not be used." "Some of the uniforms worn by Lunger's mechanical team had a Chesterfield tag, other had not. It's size was approx. 5X5 inches, whilst Marlboro and John Players carry chest and shoulder full-size advertising."
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Page Ten
From p.9 -- "Some positive results. b - pictures of car and interviews with Lunger (with Chesterfield tag on uniform) appeared before the race in newspapers."
"c - the car was presented and interviews taken with Lunger on T.V. several days before the race. d - two lectures by Lunger on road safety were given to two universities (CH. Target Group) free of charge. e - participation of Lunger in a cinema film sponsored by the South African Road Safety Councel (Lunger wearing CH. blazer).
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Page Eleven
Advertising budget -- "All media has been increased, the biggest portion however going to cinema"
Totals: 1975/76 - 828,154; 1976/77 - 922,600; 1977/78 - 1,243,500 (+34/8%). Figures expressed in Rands (1 rand = $1.158).
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Page Twelve
Do we find price fixing here? See point 11: "Duty Free - TEM has increased prices for its products as follows: ... They are proposing a price of Rands 10.30 for our brands in conjuction with an agreement apparently reached with BAT."
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Page Thrirteen
"The Marlboro and Winston agents have announced a price increase to Rands 10.-. I have rejected the price of Rands 10.30 as unacceptable since not competitive and have proposed as highest price Rands 10.- (Marlboro) and as lowest: level Rands 9.25. It is unusual for Rothmans and Dunhill International to sell at substantially lower prices than U.S. brands in any Western European port as example. I understand however that TEM operates with London on a transfer price basis enabling them to be competitive with prices quoted, i.e. in Western European ports. Regarding the pricing for our brands TEM will take up negotiations with BAT and advice us." [click on image to enlarge to full size -- 13K]


Type of Document: LM, Liggett & Myers Memo
Date: 19770315
Site: Philip Morris document site
Page Count: 13
Bates No. 2501263952/3964


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