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Tobacco Institute Report: Proactive Proposal Mississippi Smoking Restriction -- Local Preemption

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Objective: "Protect smokers' rights and preempt local governments' ability to impose restrictive smoking ordinances." "...There have been been repeated legislative efforts to ban smoking in public places. The legislation, to date, has been killed in committee. The governor has banned smoking in his office and in the governor's mansion." Our general strategy is...
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BACKGROUND NOTE: The tobacco industry uses its vast resources to create and shape public policy that benefits itself. It drafts its own preferred legislation, manipulates the legislative leadership into introducing and advancing their bill, and then they control the public hearings about it, create 'grass roots support' for it, compose and publish articles ('op-eds') expressing support for it, etc. until its finally passed. They orchestrate it all. Following is a Tobacco Institute document that describes the process, in brief:


Pro-Active Proposal


Protect smokers' rights and preempt local governments' ability to impose restrictive smoking ordinances.


* Under The Institute's guidance, the following strategy is being implemented.

* There is no statewide clean indoor air act. Therefore, it will be necessary to select key sponsors for introduction and control of proposed legislation which will create same with the inclusion of smokers rights....

* Establish a...timeline for movement of the bill prior to introduction and develop a controlled hearing scenario.


.....Use expert ETS and IAQ witnesses to brief lawmakers, allies and the media. Develop favorable op-ed pieces from these experts and from local experts where possible...

...Develop grassroots mail program to focus on specific legislators' home districts. Schedule these grassroots efforts and seminars to coincide with the movement of the legislation.

Anne Landman
American Lung Association of Colorado, West Region Office
Grand Junction

Title: Proactive Proposal MS Smoking Restriction Local Preemption
Type of Document: Report
Author: N/A (Tobacco Institute)
Date: N/A
Site: Tobacco Institute document site
No. of Pages: 1
Bates No. TIMS0025665


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