The Chemistry of Kool

Phillip Morris Inter-Office Memo: Chemistry of Kool Cigarettes

  To: Mr. Chris Bolton
  From: Al Udow
  Subject: The Chemistry of Kool and a recommendation
  May 24, 1972

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Most people smoke for the narcotic affect that comes from nicotine
Taste comes from tar
King-size Kool has the highest nicotine delivery of all the king-size cigarettes
Kool also considered to be good for "after marijuana"
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BACKGROUND NOTE: Today's Document speaks for itself:


A widely held theory holds that most people smoke for the narcotic effect (relaxing, sedative) that comes from nicotine....Although more people talk about "taste," is is likely that greater numbers smoke for the narcotic value that comes from the nicotine.

...This may help account for Kool's success and may suggest a route for us to follow to capture some of Kool's business.

...This ties in with the information we have from focus groups sessions and other sources that suggest that Kool is considered to be good for "after marijuana" to maintain the "high" or for mixing with marijuana, or "instead."

Anne Landman
American Lung Association of Colorado, West Region Office
Grand Junction

Type: Inter-office Philip Morris memorandum
From: Al Udow
To: Mr. Chris Bolton
Date: May 24, 1972
Subject: The Chemistry of Kool and a Recommendation


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