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"...the industry's objective regarding the OSHA rulemaking on indoor air quality is to encourage adoption of a ventilation standard and to discourage adoption of a smoking ban or of a standard that requires separate ventilation for areas where smoking is allowed."
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Objectives: "to demonstrate that epidemiologic studies which have examined possible health effects of workplace exposure to ETS do not support the notion of an increased risk of disease." "...to demonstrate that the ETS studies taken as a whole do not support the conclusion that ETS exposure in any setting is associated with increased risk of disease." "...specifically to refute the claim by Stanton Glantz and William Parmley that ETS is a cause of cardiovascular disease in nonsmokers."
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Objectives: "to demonstrate that cross contamination of nonsmoking areas can be prevented without a requirement for separate ventilation, and to estimate costs for upgrading ventilation systems to prevent cross ventilation."
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"Objectives: "to demonstrate that smoking bans are not without substantial costs and that ventilation is an economically feasible alternative."
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BACKGROUND NOTE: This Tobacco Institute document, OSHA Projects, outlines the TI's plans for defeating EPA and OSHA attempts establish standards for secondhand smoke in the workplace.

The TI was afraid that such standards might require employers to protect workers by providing separate ventilation in areas where smoking is allowed. Note how the industry's proposed research is conclusion-driven, i.e., how the writer specifies what conclusions their research should find before the research is undertaken.

Also note the TI's statement that EPA and OSHA are unlikely to receive any information supportive of the industry's position on ETS unless the industry itself provides it, and how OSHA is unlikely to receive information supporting a ventilation standard unless the industry provides it. These statements are tantamount to an admission by the industry that it is the sole force opposing these EPA/OSHA health measures, which is exactly what tobacco control advocates have claimed for some time.

Anne Landman
American Lung Association of Colorado, West Region Office
Grand Junction

Title: OSHA Projects
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