Trends on Cigarette Smoking Prevelence

Phillip Morris Inter-Office Memo: Trends on Cigarette Smoking Prevelence

  To: Dr. Al Udow
  From: Myron Johnston
  Subject: Still More Trends in Cigarette Smoking Prevelence
  February 18, 1983
  Marked Personal and Confident

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Encouraged by the upward trend in smoking prevelence amoung 18-29 year olds
Increase among females is statistically significant
Appears that stimulant use, i.e., marijuana, and cigarettes are interchangeable to these kids
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Contact at University of Michigan Institute for Social Research sends Xerox copy of printouts of the smoking data
Plans furtehr research covering smoking among HS seniors and college students
Presentation to R & D Committee
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BACKGROUND NOTE: In light of Philip Morris' recently approaching school districts and 4H Clubs, etc. in an attempt to partner with such organizations, I think it is useful to post documents revealing PM's interest in young people. We may be able to make good use of these now.This document contains some interesting analyses of drug use patterns of high school students as it affects cigarette usage.


"The third chart shows the percentage [of high school students] who used stimulants (amphetamines) or smoked marijuana or cigarettes during the past month. What I find intriguing is that marijuana and stimulant use increased as cigarette smoking declined, and that as marijuana use began to decline, the rate of decline in cigarette smoking slowed, and that stimulant use is virtually a mirror image of cigarette usage. It almost looks as though stimulants and cigarettes are interchangeable to these kids (a notion that has some intuitiuve validity). If so, and if stimulant use continues to decline, we should be able to expect smoking prevalence to continue to increase."

Anne Landman
American Lung Association of Colorado, West Region Office
Grand Junction

Document Type: A personal and confidential Philip Morris memo
Date: February 18, 1983
From: Myron Johnston
To: Dr. Al Udow
Title/Subject: Still More on Trends in Cigarette Smoking Prevalence


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