Philip Morris Regarding Larry Barker, KOAT-TV Channel 7, Inquiries
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Larry Barker is doing a segment on lobbying. He was told that about a year ago several New Mexico legislators were invited to New York for a briefing on tobacco issues. He'd like to know who was invited and who accepted. Deadline: he'd "like the info. today," but gave no set time.
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Give him run around; I don't was [sic] us to comment on story. Say you are trying to find out but people are travelling. Let me know if he calls again.
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Barker called again today. He says he's on an urgent deadline for today and another question has come up. Is it true that PM flew the President of the NM Senate (Manny Aragon) and one of his aides to the Super Bowl this year? As instructed, I gave him the run around.
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Larry Barker called again re: our lobbying in NM. Response: no comment.
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Media Action Summary. Request: Larry Barker called again re: our lobbying in NM. Action Taken: no comment. Of interest, there were a number of calls about the death of the "Marlboro Man." Action Taken: PM releases that Charles Herbert was one of the first Marlboro Men. Campaign began in '55 and he started in '57. Ad not available.
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Media Action Summary. Part two of communication tied to Page 5 above. Refers to death of Marlboro Man and story about smokers fighting for their rights and privacy. PM will provide smokers third party smokespersons and privacy video materials.
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This is part of a conversation listed in the New Mexico documents related to Manny Aragon. See other portion at PM and Manny Aragon.

Type of Document: Philip Morris TELEX
Date: September 1993
Site: Philip Morris
ID: 2025895637; 2025895638A; 2025895608B/5609; 2025895564; 2025895554/5555 (see also 2025895610/5643)

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