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Abstract: To characterize the effectiveness of a local ordinance [in Albuquerque] that restricts smoking in restaurants to one third of the seating area... the mean concentrations of ...particles and nicotine were 40% and 65% lower, respectively... indicating substantial but not complete protection against exposure.
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Considerable variation in respirable suspended particle concentrations was observed among both the no-smoking and smoking sections of the restaurants, In some restaurants, the concentrations of this marker for environmental tobacco smoke were higher in the no smoking sections than in the smoking sections of other restaurants.
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Concentrations of nicotine were as high in no-smoking sections of some restaurants as in smoking sections of others... people who sit in no-smoking sections are still exposed to respirable particles and nicotine vapor generated by smoking... restaurant employees, who spend longer periods of time in restaurants than do the patrons, will still be exposed to ETS in no-smoking areas.
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Type of Document: Philip Morris PUBLICATION SCIENTIFIC
Date: September 1993
Site: Philip Morris
ID: 2047074608/4611

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