Philip Morris Document Assessing Industry Lobbyists -- dealing with weaknesses
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"John Maghum has done a great job with his first session as our lobbyist. He is great friends with the Speaker and use [sic] major personal clout to kill our cigarette tax. I know ya'll think Bill Henry is stupid for putting that stuff in writing, but what can I say except he is the best of what they've got...I have worked with Bill for years and have not lost one bill with him."
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"I never hired a PM lobbyist in New Mexico because Bob Barberousse does such a miraculour job. But he's been carrying my water for a long time. He does not need any lobbyist help (but I feel like he should be compensated for helping me with reports and other things. Or we could put grasstops Brian Sanderoff on the dole as a lobbyist."
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"I have eleven grasstops managers in the Southwest region. I cannot assess how they can help our state efforts until I find who they know." "...In any event, I will hold a meeting, probably late September, with all the grasstops managers, in Dallas, to find out how much they think they can help us out. As Jack would say, I am talking QUALITY HITS from these people...The absolute best grasstops people are ... Brian Sanderoff..."
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Page Four
Further evaluation of various "grasstops"
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