Tobacco Institute Regarding RJR Nabisco's Cartoon Camel Promoting Camel Cigarettes to Children
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JAMA research evaluates whether RJR Nabisco's cartoon-threme advertising is more effective promoting Camel cigarettes to children or adults. Study discloses children more likely than adults to find Camel cigarette advertisements appealing. "Camel's share of the illegal children's cigarette market has increased from 0.5% to 32.8%, representing sales estimated at $476 million per year."
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Scientists sampled children from Georgia, Massachusettes, Nebraska, New Mexico and Washington. Children significantly more likely than adults to recognize Camel's Old Joe cartoon character. Children also more successful than adults identifying product being advertised and recognizing Camel brand.
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"Old Joe cartoon advertisements are more effective at communicating product and brand name information to children than to adults." Underage smokers gave higher approval ratings for ads than nonsmokers. Children more likely to smoke if they believe smoking is pleasurable and makes a person more popular. Those believing smoking makes them more attractive are eight times more likely to express intention to smoke in next year.
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Ads "specifically designed to reach young people. Paid cigarette brand promotions appear in dozens of teen movies...industry targets poster advertisements for 'key youth locations/meeting places in the proximity of theaters, records [sic] stores, video arcades, etc'...themes used in tobacco advertising that is targeted at children are the result of extensive research on children conducted by the tobacco industry to 'learn everything there was to learn about how smoking begins.'"
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Type of Document: Tobacco Institute File Periodical/News article
Title: RJR Nabisco's Cartoon Camel Promotes Camel Cigarettes to Children
Date: December 11, 1991
Site: Tobacco Institute

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