Philip Morris File on New Mexico Department of Health Letter to Senator Shannon Robinson
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The current year federal funding for the American Stop Smoking Intervention Study (ASSIST) in New Mexico is $840,014.
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"It is estimated that 15% of all deaths in New Mexico each year are directly linked to tobacco use. In addition, smoking by pregnant women is a leading cause of low birth weight -- a significant factor in infant mortality, developmental disabilities, and huge medical costs."
"If the [ASSIST] project is successful, the tobacco use rate will be reduced by the end of the project."
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BACKGROUND NOTE: This is a copy of a Department of Health letter from newsletter found in the Philip Morris documents. The question here is how Philip Morris came to possess this document? This appears to be a private correspondence to Senator Robinson from Department of Health secretary, Michael J. Burkhart

Type of Document: Philip Morris Internal Document
Title: New Mexico Department of Health Correspondence to Senator Shannon Robinson
TO: New Mexico Senator Shannon Robinson
FROM: Michael J. Burkhart
Date: January 5, 1994
Site: Philip Morris

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