Tobacco Institute File Detailing UNM Professor Activities Related to Tobacco Tax Proposal
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"Dear Jim:
Enclosed is a copy of my letter to Senator Bingaman in which I discuss my concerns about this tobacco tax proposal. Thank you for the supporting materials. They were helpful, especially the copy Bingaman's presentation from the Congressional Record. It was also invaluable to see how the others approach this issue. If there is anything else that you need done on this issue, I can be reached at 505-277-5222."
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"Dear Senator Bingaman:
It has come to my attention that you have introduced a bill into the Senate that would increase the tax on cigarettes from $.16 a pack to $.24 a pack."
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"An excise tax can increase efficiency if it identifies the individuals who receive the benefits from a given government service and imposes the cost of services on them. An example of a relatively efficient excise tax is the gasoline tax that is used to fund the Interstate Highway System." "...I question that your bill would accomplish even its stated goals of promoting health and shifting the costs of health care to those utilizing it."
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"If smokers impose costs on others by smoking in public places, the more appropriate legislation would be a limitation on where smoking can occur rather than a tax on smoking which would not address the true problem. We might be concerned if smokers shifted costs to other members of society through government sponsored social programs."
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BACKGROUND NOTES: This letter and attachment comes from UNM Professor Allen Parkman. We discovered this within Tobacco Institute files. The document provides an update on activities with New Mexico Senator Jeff Bingaman related to a tobacco tax proposal and includes a copy of a letter sent to Senator Bingaman. Professor Parkman writes these letter before the country understood fully the public costs associated with smoking.

Type of Document: Tobacco Institute File Document
TO: James Savarese, Ogilvy & Mather
FROM: Allen Parkman, UNM Professor
Date: October 10, 1985
Site: Tobacco Institute
URL: and

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