Philip Morris Documents Regarding KOAT-TV Concerns Philip Morris Flew Manny Aragon to Superbowl

Series of memos between February 19, 1991 and March 1, 1991
Memos discusses the KOAT-TV inquiry into the possibility that Philip Morris USA paid for Manny Aragon, his aide, and other legislators' trips to Florida to attend Superbowl in Orlando. The memos do not confirm or deny this allegation, but the Philip Morris personnel are told to "give him [reporter] run around; I don't want us to comment on story."
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Page One
"Bob did call and Manny was approached by a reporter, I'm not certain it was the same reporter or not...Bob said Manny responded by saying he was in Orlando at the time of the Superbowl, but his purpose for being there was to attend a seminar with other legislative leaders to discuss ETS and other related smoking issues. Bob has requested that I forward the materials from the seminar to him so that Manny will have something from the seminar in his files."
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Page Two
"Barker called again today. He says he's on an urgent deadline for today and another question came up. Is it true that PM flew the President of the NM State Senate and one of his aides to the Super Bowl this year? As Instructed, I gave him the run around."
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Page Three
"State Senate President M. Aragon said that he discussed this legislation with Philip Morris on a trip to the Super Bowl. Is it true that PM USA paid for him and other legislators' trips to Florida?"
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Type of Document: Philip Morris Inter-Office Memos
Title: KOAT-TV (Albuquerque) Media Call
TO: various individuals
FROM: various individuals
Date: February 19, 1991 to March 1, 1991
Site: Philip Morris

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