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The Tobacco Industry has consistently acted in ways which have recklessly ignored the public health while pretending that it is being responsible... Nicotine addiction is the most common serious medical problem in the U.S. Sixty million Americans aged 12 and above, including 4 million aged 12-17, used cigarettes in the past month (1994 figures). Among those who continue to smoke, half will die because of smoking. Most who use tobacco products are regularly addicted to nicotine. Worldwide, more than one billion people smoke cigarettes and three million will die in 1996 alone from the cigarette. Unless effective control measures are put in place, the worldwide death toll will reach 10 million per year in thirty years.

American Society of Addictive Medicine, 1995

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Earn a Million U.S. Dollars

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"I sincerely apologize to you [sick smokers] on behalf of myself and on behalf of the 7,200 workers at Brown & Williamson."
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