Want to earn a million dollars?

It's simple, if you currently smoke, stop! If you've been smart enough to never start, great!

Now, try this:

Instead of buying a pack of cigarettes a day, a 16-year old who invests the same amount of money and earns 7 percent a year would see his/her investment fund would grow as shown below:

  mucho money...

End of age 16 $775
End of age 23 $7,939
End of age 30 $25,883
End of age 37 $66,188
End of age 44 $156,688
End of age 51 $360,265
End of age 58 $819,908
End of age 65 $1,860,958


This is why the tobacco industry works so hard to addict young people. If a person, instead of smoking, would invest their money rather than spend it on cigarettes or tobacco products, the smoker would have almost $2,000,000 by the age of retirement. Instead, the money goes to BIG TOBACCO and various tobacco retailers. They thoroughly enjoy spending your wealth.

source: SmokeFree Air, Winter 1997-98

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