University of New Mexico Promotes Tobacco Products to Students

Smoke'm if you got them...that's what the UNM Daily Lobo Recommends to Students
As the New Mexico legislature debates proposals to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to fund tobacco use prevention and cessation, the University of New Mexico publication, Daily Lobo ran a Student ID Promotion that featured the latest lines of "premium Imported and Domestic Cigarettes, Cigars and other fine tobacco products!" And students, check this out, with your UNM Student ID card, you get a 10% discount on cancer and disease causing tobacco products. UNM doesn't care about the health of students, they just want advertising dollars.

UNM Student ID Promotion
Smoke'm if you got 'em
Student Discount on Cancer

source: UNM Daily Lobo, Wednesday, March 1, 2000, p.7.

UNM Daily Lobo Reponds:
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 14:15:08 -0700 (MST)
From: Daily Lobo Editor
To: Scott Goold
Subject: Re: UNM Promotes Tobacco Products

Hi Scott. Just to give you a clarification, UNM officials have not a
darned thing to do with what stories, letters, advertisements or
pictures run in the Daily Lobo: ergo, anyone's best chance of changing
anything we choose to run is to take it up directly with us.

AJ McNamara

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