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TobaccoFreedom.org is dedicated to resolving the worldwide epidemic that threatens millions of lives each year. This organization provides education and research services to officials, health policy specialists, educators and the general public throughout the world.

Our organization believes it critical that cigarette users and nonsmokers establish responsible practices for adult smoking behavior. Therefore:

  • We do not advocate for prohibition of smoking
  • We do advocate for the rights of nonsmokers, particularly children
  • We do advocate that smoking behavior be limited to ADULT ONLY locations

The evidence is clear that the tobacco industry has confounded this issue to maintain and increase the sale of their products. For over forty years, the tobacco industry deceived the public and manipulated scientific evidence. The tobacco industry continues to use their vast financial resources unethically to coerce elected leaders, public officials and business representatives to ignore the dangers of tobacco use, smoking and secondhand smoke. TobaccoFreedom.org maintains one of the most comprehensive archives of tobacco industry documents. We urge you to read these internal papers thoroughly. Truth allows us to create better social policies.

We are aware that most smokers and some nonsmokers generally understand the risks that smoking and exposure to secondhand cigarette smoke present to humans. While overall smoking continues its gradual decline in the U.S., our children become addicted at alarming rates. Over 3,000 American teens become regular smokers each day. Nearly 80% are under the legal age to smoke.

These innocent victims cannot protect themselves from the sophisticated enticements by the tobacco industry. They are not empowered to control the quality of their environment. Our young are unaware the addictive power of nicotine and the consequences of the unhealthy environment that smoking and secondhand smoke creates. They are unable to protect themselves from the dangerous and deadly toxins. TobaccoFreedom.org fights to free them from these risks.

TobaccoFreedom.org is directed by Scott Goold.

President AnnMarie Goold
Teen Relations Felicia Chavez
College Activities Nicholas Bonney
Children at Risk Carlos Larribas


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