The Tobacco Industry Exposed: A Century of Fraud and Manipulation
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The American people would be better served if high government health officials and private interest groups which encourage them abandoned the myth of "waging war" against diseases and their alleged causes.
H.R. Kornegay - President of the Tobacco Institute, 1979

The tobacco industry internal documents "have shown how, during the past two generations, tobacco companies have targeted children, suppressed scientific research on less-hazardous cigarettes and lied about how deadly and addictive cigarettes are."
Edward Sweda, senior attorney of the Tobacco Control Resource Center

Overview and Research Methods
The Seduction of American Youth
Trend Influence Marketing: 21st Century Deception
Tobacco Products Cause Cancer, Disease and Death
Philip Morris Attempts To Re-create Their Corporate Image
Secret Documents Reveal A.C.L.U. Tobacco Industry Ties
Tobacco Users Are Smokin' Crack
Nicotine and Tobacco Addiction
Secondhand Smoke and ETS
Documents Related to Texas
Documents Related to New Mexico
Anne Landman's Tobacco Document Discoveries
Scott Goold's Tobacco Document Specials
Searching for a "Safe" Cigarette

Philip Morris -- 2501261886/1887 [1] [2]
NOTES: Proposal from a Lebanese radio station for a Marlboro-sponsored music program. Target audience includes teens ranging from 15+.

"I have often wondered how many people died as a result of the fact that medical and public health professionals were misled by the tobacco industry... (C. Everett Koop)

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